Festival F

  • April Ivy

  • 7 SEP 2019 • 00h45 • Palco Quintalão

The 19-year old singer and songwriter April Ivy has been on the backstage since she was 9, whether by being the Portuguese voice of Disney characters (Toy Story 3, Tangled, Minnie & You, etc.) or by performing on stage. Having studied abroad, April Ivy has attended several workshops in Portugal, Switzerland, Norway and England.

She started her piano and voice lessons at the age of 9. And that was also when she created her band where she was the leading singer. April Ivy has always studied in English school and that is why she expresses her feelings in English. She is the author and interpreter of her own piano and guitar compositions, and she also composes songs for other artists.

Her many singles – from “Be Ok” (2016), “Shut Up” (2017), “Run For Cover” (2017), “Frida feat Conductor” (2018), to her most recent single “Tell Me Baby” (2019) – have thousands of views in YouTube. She has conquered major broadcasting time in main Portuguese radios and was already nominated for the MTV Music Awards and Portuguese Golden Globes.

Faro • 5 Sep to 7 Sep

Vila Adentro_Faro

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