Festival F

  • Deejay Telio

  • 6 SEP 2019 • 23h00 • Palco Sé

Deejay Télio is an Angolan musician, producer and songwriter. His career began in 2010, when he adopted his artistic name. In 2015, he joined SAF, the independent record label with which he released his first hit “Que Safoda”. Public acceptance was immediate and was followed by the release of this second album “Karanganhada” that granted him with three Palop Music Stars 2015 awards. Also in 2015, he recorded his single “Não Atendo” featuring Deedz B that became an international hit. Deejay Télio released “Karanganhada 2” in 2016 that included the hits “Ficou, Molexado” and “Num Tá Bom”. At the end of 2016, he released “Imagina Nós” that rapidly achieved the one million views mark. Carrying on with the team, work and victory spirit, he released the album “2000FazerAcontecer” with Deedz B that provided his audience with some original sounds. In 2017, Deejay Télio released “Esfrega Esfrega” featuring Deedz B that reached more than 20 million views in YouTube in just six months, and was awarded with a Gold certification. Blaya, Jimmy P, Bispo and MC Bin Laden are some of the artists with whom Deejay Télio has already collaborated to make successful songs.
The EP “Happy Day” also featuring Deedz B was released on November 30, 2018, reinforcing a partnership that joined both artists for the seventh time. “Happy Day” intends to promote a positive mind set. As said by the authors, «all songs are based on happiness». This EP has already won 2 Gold and 2 Platinum certifications. Deejay Télio has already performed live in Portugal and abroad, and the audience at Festival F is very pleased to welcome him in September.

Faro • 5 Sep to 7 Sep

Vila Adentro_Faro

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