Festival F

  • Linda Martini

  • 7 SEP 2019 • 01h00 • Palco Sé

Recorded in Catalunha, between October and November 2017, and produced by the band itself and Santi Garcia, the fifth long album of Linda Martini, named “Linda Martini” seems not wanting to waste any time, starting by its cover. To the eternal question “Who is Linda Martini?”, the band replies with an oil portrait of an Italian girl to whom they asked if they could borrow her name in early 2000’s. After their album “Sirumba” (2016), acclaimed by the public and critics, their latest album is not just a review and provides us with a band that is willing to take risks.  The album “LINDA MARTINI” is abrasive and reminds us of “Casa Ocupada”, because it refers to urgency and going out of control, but with a greater balance between these elements and the rhythm, melancholy and intimacy of the latter. The Linda Martini of today may as well be a band that plays Rock and Fado, Fugazi and Variações, Fela Kuti and Afrobeat, Tim Maia and Funk, without ever sounding anything but themselves. Few bands know how to shake thing up and create discomfort at first listen. From harmony to chaos, from languid balance to epic rides. Linda Martini sounds like a record thought by four people inside four walls, who were not afraid that their sound would be listened on the outside. And that is not a small thing to say.

Faro • 5 Sep to 7 Sep

Vila Adentro_Faro

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