Festival F

  • Mike el Nite

  • 5 SEP 2019 • 23h45 • Palco Fábrica

Mike El Nite has a plan in place. And for this plan to work, going on tour over the country and performing on Portugal’s most relevant festivals is not enough. In addition, he has to release one of the most influencing records of the year, be the creative director of his own music videos and surround himself with the greatest talents of his generation. All of this to make sure that justice is done to new school. And that involves making a lot of fuss. His path was never easy and to get here he had to improve his skills shown in Rusga para Concerto em G Menor and Vaporreto Titano. He gave energetic concerts in Vodafone Mexefest, Meo Sudoeste, SBSR, and all over Portugal with his trusty partners: Nerve, L-Ali, ProfJam and Da Chick. And all of this proves that Mike El Nite is already more than just a pun.  His goal is to make history. 

Faro • 5 Sep to 7 Sep

Vila Adentro_Faro

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