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  • Cosmic Gong Bath – Sound Journey

  • 5 SEP 2019 • 7:00 p.m. • Palco Arco


Duration: 60 minutes

Technical and artistic file:
Ângelo Surinder: Planet Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Native American Flutes, Cymbals, Shantis, Sansula Kalimba, Xylophone, Shaman Drum, Rain stick, Ocean Drum, Shruti box, and Vocals.

The Cosmic Gong Bath in the form of a Sound Journey makes space for the sensitive, sensory, and deep listening. Allows you to travel through the internal landscapes of your existence with vibration.
This is a contemplative, reinvigorating and expansive experience that is associated with deep nervous system relaxation, organ massage, body detox and cell regeneration.

Many civilisations consider gongs to be magic. More than a music instrument, the gong is a transformation agent. When a gong is played, the body, mind and spirit change.

Faro • 5 Sep to 7 Sep

Vila Adentro_Faro

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