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  • Objetoteca Popular Itinerante

  • 7 SEP 2019 • 7:30 p.m. • Largo da Sé


Duration: Aprox. 60 minutes
Age rating: 12+

Technical and artistic file:
Text, Dramaturgy and Scenography Design: Igor Gandra
Artistic Scenography and Props: Eduardo Mendes
Performers: Igor Gandra, Carla Veloso, Carlota Gandra, Eduardo Mendes, Daniela Gomes and Gisela Matos
Teatro de Ferro Video: Carlota Gandra

Photos: Susana Neves
Construction workshop: Eduardo Mendes, Daniela Gomes, Matilde Gandra, Nádia Soares and José Simões
Co-production Teatro de Ferro and Câmara Municipal do Porto
Teatro do Ferro is funded by the Portuguese Republic - Culture,
General Directorate for Arts

In this small square, plaza or garden is a device that recalls street vendors and fair theatre - a white van is the centre of this installation.
This place that will be built is somewhere between the memory of a small familiar circus and the talk show, between the constructivist rally and the variety show. And variety is one of the traits of our Objetoteca (object library): the plurality of subjects and speeches can be upsetting, but believe me - they are all connected!
But what’s this Popular Itinerant Object Library?
That is exactly how this fun and questioning street machine starts running. By means of available or designated objects, we will travel through cosmos and get close to an everyday, familiar object. (...)
Igor Gandra, Teatro de Ferro
July 2018

Faro • 5 Sep to 7 Sep

Vila Adentro_Faro

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